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Fort Leavenworth Building 87 Fire Alarm Replacement

In 2020, Prairie Band Construction provided all labor, material, and equipment to remove the existing fire alarm and mass notification system in building 87 at Fort Leavenworth and installed a new Notifier fire alarm and mass notification system, including all associated wiring and conduit. This work took place in building 87 which was split into two secure areas as the building served benefits and payroll for civilian personnel. This work was design-build to meet all current UFC criteria, NFPA, as well as IBC codes and ECB 2018-17, which was a new requirement for visual notification devices for mass notification systems. All of this work took place in an occupied facility so great care was taken in noise and vibration disturbances in areas adjacent to the work areas.  

Fort Leavenworth Bldg 87 Fire Alarm.jpg
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